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Your Barleythorpe Parish Council is independent of other levels of local government, i.e. Rutland County Council, however we maintain a close working relationship.  

We meet at least six times a year, including one annual parish meeting and are responsible for very few matters.  Your Parish Councillors have an active interest and concern for our local community.  

We represent local people and work in partnership with them and others when necessary.  We help facilitate the provision of local services and facilities and take decisions that form the policy of the Parish Council. Parish Councillors have to abide by the local government code of conduct.   Parish Councillors must also declare a personal or prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion at a Parish Council meeting as required.

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Further comments and reservations in relation to Rutland Showground Planning Application

Barleythorpe Parish Council have made the following response to the current planning application 2021/0319/MAF Rutland Showground, Showground Way, Barleythorpe

Change of land use to enable site to be used for the following: campsite and caravan park, outdoor events and shows, such as charitable, commercial, competitive and show events.

Although the Parish Council has no objection in principle to the potential use of the site in question for a touring, as opposed to static, caravan and camping site there are a significant number of comments we would wish to make and reservations that need to be addressed.


Site location:

The proposed site is the field between rugby club and the railway line, not the existing show ground field. This field is located away from the residential areas and can be accessed via the entrance at the 'Lands’ End' roundabout without traffic using residential roads. Normal caravan site usage would not cause a problem where traffic is concerned however large numbers arriving at around the same time, as can occur at mass events, would be problematical. 

Site management:

Properly managed sites with strictly enforced site rules, such as those owned or managed under the auspices of The Caravan and Motorhome Club, can play an important role in the 'visitor economy' which is a key part of Rutland. Normal site activities should not cause intrusion or disturbance to residents. Site rules cover such things as pitching distances, use of facilities, behaviour and Health and Safety. There are two such sites locally. Firstly, near Greetham with 132 pitches and secondly at Fineshade Wood near Stamford with 73 pitches. These are peaceful places for visitors to stay. Careful layout and extensive planting can be an enhancement.


Activities and events:

This is where there are considerable reservations. There are already a considerable number of events that take place at the show ground and normally there are no significant problems. A caravan and camping site would be helpful in supporting many events, however the nature of such events in relation to size, activity, noise and duration would need strict control. Events attracting excessive numbers taking place over several days should not be considered in the vicinity of residential areas particularly those involving the extensive use of public address systems which can be heard 'blaring away' throughout the new Barleythorpe developments.

Events in the locality resulting from the 'Light and Life' festival have exposed significant flaws in the systems needed to control events; these include:

  • Failure by RAS to have a proper vetting procedure in place.

  • Failure to notify the Parish Council of proposed events and their nature so further information can be sought on behalf of residents and representations made if deemed necessary. The reputation of RAS has been severely compromised resulting from current events.

  • There would seem to be no communication between RAS, RCC, and the police prior to the event to try to mitigate any problems arising.


The systems in place to control events needs a complete review and should involve Barleythorpe Parish Council, RCC and residents working together with RAS.


In conclusion:

This planning application needs to be withdrawn or put 'on hold' until a full review of events control procedures has been carried out and, should it be re-submitted, be considered by RCC planning committee rather than any decision made by officers of RCC.

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