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Barleythorpe Parish Council Aims and Objectives 2017/18


  • To improve the quality of life for residents and businesses in Barleythorpe Parish

  • To provide effective, transparent and accountable local government of Barleythorpe Parish

  • To effectively represent the residents and businesses in Barleythorpe Parish

  • To protect and enhance amenities in Barleythorpe Parish

  • To preserve and enhance the rural, built and natural environments of Barleythorpe

  • To enable residents to be involved in the life of Barleythorpe Parish and its future development



  • To keep informed of changes to legislation and ensure that procedures and Parish Council policies are reviewed and revised in line with such changes

  • To continue to maintain and update website.  Publish all information required by legislation and as much other information as possible on site.

  • To give residents and businesses the opportunity to express their views and represent these effectively

  • To communicate effectively with residents, for example through our website and the Barleythorpe Forum.  To explore new ways of communication.

  • To work effectively with the County Council and Councillors and other service providers

  • To work closely with the Barleythorpe Community  in their role of facilitating the smooth handover of the Parks and Open Spaces to the Oakham Heights Residents Management Company Ltd.  To encourage residents to get involved.

  • To produce a Neighbourhood Plan with Oakham Town Council for the Barleythorpe and once adopted to use this effectively in planning related matters.  To further Community Actions in adopted plan

  • To consider, from a local perspective, all planning and Enforcement matters that effect the Parish and provide comment on their impact on local residents, the wider community and the rural nature of the Parish

  • To encourage residents to become involved in projects, e.g. Neighbourhood Plan, Parks and Open Spaces and  Community Hub

  • To work with residents to improve Community Resilience.


Parish Council Meeting

26th September 2024


Full Parish Council Meeting


Monday - Friday 

9:30 am to 4:00 pm

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